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i am seams_witch.

I take photos of pretty clothes and write about them. My main focus is lolita fashion and the lifestyle and industry that surrounds this niche community.

Märchen Maiden

Been in the lolita rut since 2012.
I am fashion educated and left the industry after 7+ years as an assistant designer and production coordinator.
I have two cats. There’s hair everywhere now.

re: xinjiang cotton

I want to preface this post with that fact that while I try to keep my personal details offline, I am not Chinese. I’m writing from the perspective of someone who’s worked directly with fabric production and sourced for western based brands overseas. I am also writing from the perspective of my own family history and my experience as a small indie designer and ex-industry professional.

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playing with a digital smart wardrobe

It’s a rediculous amount of work to establish a digital wardrobe, but thanks to the January wardrobe post, half of that was already done. I’m still manually editing each photos, and most of my accessories and new purchases need to be photographed as well. I would say 70% of my collection is photographed and 50% of that has had the background removed. It’s enough for me to start making those neat collages in my downtime.

I love being able to plan coords without having to be at home or pulling out a dozen items from the closet. My home stays tidy and I don’t get caught repeating the same tired combinations. 💛